Nature heals

Homeopathy Patient Goals

Tokyohomeopathy offers in-depth care where medical science has failed to heal or to relieve chronic conditions.  Reduce medications, other invasive treatments or addictions is another common goal.  Medications can often be used with homeopathy.  To other patients, homeopathy simply supports their natural lifestyles. 

To many, homeopathy is a big step forward.

When we are stuck in a sick pattern, we need a stimulant to change that pattern.    Each individual is different, so it is necessary to discover the stimulant that subtly fits the individual pattern in several ways.

With so many possible conbinations, can a few drugs match your individual problem and you?

 Illness can be summarized as a pattern of reactions to stress. Patterns are down-to-earth descriptions of patients concerning how they feel when they are ill.

To be heard is healing.


By following the laws of nature, we return to our healthy selves. Our minds and bodies are made so that they experience stress and then following natural laws they return to a stable healthy state.  By carefully following the healing process, we can preserve this dynamic state of balance while you are healing.

My Initial Services

I carefully interview patients, so that I can closely follow their path to self healing.  Interviews take between one and two hours.  The first interview is the most intensive and requires the most research time.  Later interviews cost much less.

Fees are clearly stated.  Cost is based on estimation of the amount of time needed to find the curative remedy and to follow the patient’s path of self healing.

When possible, I share medicines from my office stock charging only a handling charge.

If helpful, I can visit patients near or at their home if they live in the Tokyo area.  A few patients contact me through the Internet, but at least the first interview should be face-to-face.

What can I treat?

Homeopathy is based on the principle that applies to small cuts and bruises as well as to major diseases.  I use any combination of mental, physical symptoms to find the curative remedy. Conditions that totally destroy the body’s cells can help to make the patient to feel better, but total recovery is rare.  I have no medical qualifications and my skills are limited to interviewing, analyzing data to find a curative remedy and following the patient after the correct remedy is found.  Qualified medical practitioners should take primary responsibility for serious medical conditions.

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