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casinoWhen I first tried homeopathy, I hit the jackpot.  I was writhing in bed every month with menstrual pain.  In a fraction of a second the pain dropped 75%.

All I had was a reference written by Dana Ulman. Through the veil of pain, as I read, I managed to write a list page numbers where there were symptoms similar to mine.  I identified one remedy as having more similar symptoms.   I found the name of that remedy  (medication) in the 50 home remedy box that I owned. So I swallowed one tiny sugar pill.  Bingo.  The pain was instantaneously reduced.

I hope you are not in as much pain as I was.  Most people can do what I was doing.  Although I was totally ignorant of how homeopaths find the curative remedy, I was doing a good crude imitation of homeopathic analysis.

Find a good reference.  There are many.  I recommend Practical Homeopathy by Vinton McCabe to beginners, but find that most people need an in person teacher.  If you are like me, a person who likes to learn on their own, then McCabe is a great book.  It is out of print, but the best combination of everything a beginner needs to know is there.  Also, it is on Kindle.   There are many references online that with a little guidance, you could also use.

Just using the Internet, you can find plenty of information.

Write down the page number or copy the url of similar symptoms.  If you have the strength, write down the symptoms so you can disregard symptoms that seem less similar or less important.  Look for the remedy that has the most symptoms that are similar to your problem.

Not everyone is equally endowed when it comes to the lottery of homeopathic self healing. Some factors that increase your chances of winning are:

  • Few strong medications
  • Few severe illnesses or surgeries
  • Fewer and more recent chronic conditions
  • Elders of your family die of old age
  • Resilient mental health.

If your lot in life is not so blessed, then, you may need more professional help.  In any case, remember that without training, choosing a homeopathic remedy is a lottery.  As you understand more it becomes a science.

Please, don’t despair. In any case, the method described above will usually work for many typical superficial problems. What kind of problems are superficial?  They happened recently.  Even if the problem is very painful or the person is in terrible condition because of the problem, still if the body has not had enough time to adapted to the problem, then the typical remedy will usually work.  You only need to think about the symptoms of the local problem if the problem is superficial. Once the body adapts to a problem, the problem becomes a part of who you are.  Then, unless you are exceedingly healthy to begin with, your chances at the lottery go down.




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