Nux-v or Byronia Fever?

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If you go over Kent or Boerike, we can discuss how to read an MM to find the center of the remedy.


T had a fever on Sunday. He received some mild medicine to bring down his fever in the envenings, but they continued. On Tuesday, his mother gave him Nux-v at 2:00 pm and Ars 2:30 pm. His mother called on Tuesday at 4 pm with the complaints that you see below:

I did the computerized repertorization that you see above, but T’s mother was smart. Without the repertorization, she thought of the top two remedies in my repertorization plus Arsenicum. But she could not differentiate between them. Probably T would have been helped by Arsenicum on Monday. But he seems to have changed by Tuesday. I would like to help T’s mother through the thought process, so next time she might even do this case without calling me. Let’s start with some basic considerations. This is a review for students in the class. I have asked them to comment so that all of you might better understand the thought process that will lead to the correct remedy. Remember learning to finding the right remedy is not about memorizing all the possible remedies. It is about being clear in your thought process, using appropriate references and being able to find the center of the case as well as the center of the remedy as it is described in the literature.

Priliminary Questions:

1. What was the problem with giving two remedies in a row within at 2 and 2:30 on Tuesday?

2. What happened to the complaints after waiting 2 days to give a remedy. Hint, T’s brother recieved Aconite on the evening when his mother noticed that he was coming down with the symptoms that T had on Sunday. His brother soon got over the cold without the complications that T experienced. T was the first child in the family to present flu symptoms. He is older and did not loudly complain so in the busy activities of his family, his misery on Sunday was not noticed by T’s mother. T is a strong child and his mother does not worry about him. But she gave him fever suppressants to help him sleep at night since her homeopathic remedy choices did decrease the fever.

But when I took the case, the constipation that he had on Sunday had resolved into diarhea that was quick and not repeated. He had minor stomach pains. I did not include that symptom of Ars and Nux-vomica, because it was not a prominent symptom on Tuesday. He was sipping water, so earlier, his mother’s choice Ars was probably a good one.

You can see that both Nux-v and Bryonia came to the top of my repertorization. Most of you will not use a computer to do repertorization. I don’t think you need to. Why did I choose Bryonia and not Nux-vomica? They are both irritable angry remedies. And T was certainly angry. After I see your answers, I will differentiate between Bryonia. Use your own resource or resources on the web to look for where the center of each remedy should be. Look at the case and find the center of the case. The center of the remedy and the case should be the same.

3.  Of the rubrics that I chose, which ones are unusual? If a rubric is Strange Rare and Peculiar we call it an SRP. If an SRP fits the pattern of the whole case, we include it in our analysis. SRP’s are often useful because they help to differentiate between remedies.

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Ellen Madono is a homeopath working in Tokyo. Currently, her work in homeopathy focuses on healing. She was born in Minneapolis Minnesota and went to West High school. At Oberlin College, she majored in Asian History. Her Ph.d. is from the University of Pittsburgh. She has a special interest in Asian Culture, language and Japanese apprenticeship. Skills in phenomenological cultural analysis have easily transferred to homeopathic case analysis. She keeps up her health through Meditation, Yushiki Breathing Practices, Classical Homeopathy, Accutonics, Akido and Parasara Yoga.

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  • shamim Aug 18, 2014, 1:09 pm

    a homeo practitionar has prescribed me for bronchitis and sinusitis with polyps-(antim tart+bryonia).Also for gastric and hyper constipation he has given me-(Nux+acid phos).If i use both of the combination at a time.Is it right.Can harm one combination to another?I asked that Nux is antidot for bryonia.But answered me that it could be used both at a time.Should i continue?please suggest me…..

    • Ellen Madono Aug 18, 2014, 11:06 pm

      I an ordinary doctor gave you a long list of medications, how would he keep track of side effects, effects etc? That is supposing that he were actually keeping track.
      Any good homeopath is keeping track of the effects of his remedy. The body is already complex. Put two or three remedies together and you have multiplied that complexity considerably.
      Either your homeopath is poorly trained, confused or is not doing classical homeopathy. If the last is true, than I have no comment. I have no idea how he knows what he is doing.
      Combinations of remedies have no tests so predictability should be very low.
      I would look for another homeopath. But, if by chance your symptoms are getting better and you don’t want to spend more money, try one of your remedies and see if it has an effect. if not, try the other. At least, then you would know what is helping you. Of course you don’t have a bunch of remedies. So, try out the remedy for now and look for a better homeopath for later.

    • Ellen Madono Mar 20, 2017, 3:40 pm

      Your homeopath is not following Classical teaching (the Organon by Samuel Hahnemann). Since you have so many very fundamental conditions, I would not treat them one at a time with different remedies. There is a single remedy that will cover all of your conditions. That will be the most powerful. I would like to know what happened when you took two remedies at once.

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