Visualizing a Whole Person These illustrations are intended to help you to understand how much of you can be effected by Homeopathic treatment.  My ideas are not necessarily specific to homeopathy and many other homeopaths may think differently than me.  These illustrations are a responses to my patient's  questions.  The concepts presented here are not [...]

I choose homeopathy as my family medicine because I want control over our health.  We might go in for medical checkups, and theoretically lab tests can be useful. Only a vet could spade my cats.  Homeopathy quickly returned them to health after the surgery.  Acutally,  I have found that through careful observation of myself and my [...]

References for homework Materia Medica Full Description on line: Shorter description:  Cheaper India Version Most common home reference If you go over Kent or Boerike, we can discuss how to read an MM to find the center of the remedy. CASE: T had a fever on Sunday. He received some mild medicine [...]

Homeopathy 101

This class is available on demand. Small group class to teach you techniques to limit your needs for antibiotics and strong medications. Learn to use your doctor's evaluations while avoiding his drugs. Feel competent when you are traveling with young children. Lay the foundation for the next step: home care for fevers and flu. * [...]

Dangers of Burying Problems In daily life, often we find that if we ignore our problems, they come back to haunt us.  If you are angry or sad and pretend, mainly to yourself that you are not feeling that way, later those emotions bother you.  In so many social situations it is inconvenient to express [...]

To find your treatment, we can use a cause, but know the cause is not necessary.  The most invasive medical techniques rely on laboratory identification of the cause of problems.   One problem by removing one cause, they tend to remove much more that you need to stay healthy.  The cure is worse than the disease. [...]

The exception to this rule are strong epidemic diseases and typical home emergencies.  Treatment for these conditions are not usually individualized the way deeper chonic problems are.  They come from the outside, overwhelm you but they are not yet an significant aspects of who you are.   Thus, often, there is one treatment for everyone who has [...]