Your Treatment Process

Homeopathy treatment requires personally tailored care.  Listening to your story and fully understanding how you feel about your life and your problems is the first step in the treatment process.  Because individuals differ greatly, there is nothing automatic about treatment.  I contact you regularly and monitor your reaction to treatment.  Also, you are encouraged to contact me when you have questions of changes in your health.

First Period – Introduction to Homeopathy

1   Making a first appointment:

This is also your opportunity to ask a question such as, for example, your potentials for healing using homeopathy.  Homeopathy requires mutual cooperation between you and me since I need to understand your natural healing responses.  I will be often asking you how you feel and expecting you to contact me when you have trouble.  So, during this first short call, you should find out if you feel comfortable talking to me.

2   A.  The First Interview takes from 1.5-2 hours.  I ask you much more than a doctor would ask.  I want to know how you feel about your problem as well as detailed physical information about your problem. Because I am choosing a remedy that matches your individual reaction to the problem, how you feel about a physical problem can be far more important than the name of your disease.  Rather than asking you many questions, I encourage you to describe problems in a way that is comfortable to you.

2.  B.  After the First Interview, I will ask you to allow me take 6-8 digital photographs of your face.   When I choose a remedy, I will add this objective information to the mostly subjective information that I learned from your interview.

3   Often a Follow up to the First Interview is needed.  On the telephone I may ask you some more questions to confirm my remedy choice.  Occasionally I ask you to make another appointment to see me.

4    Receive a remedy. When to communicate about your remedy.

Second Period – Managing your remedy

5.  Evaluation Interview:  (More…)

The secret to progress in healing with homeopathy is good management of the timing for taking your remedy until the next interview I am looking at your response to the remedy in order to decide how often you should be exposed to your remedy to get the optimum response.

Third Period – Stabilized Remedy Management

6.   Step 5 the follow up interview is repeated approximately every 1-2 months.  Sometimes it is necessary to shift to a different remedy.  In that case, occasionally I will ask you to return to the fee and communication frequency of the Second Period.

7.   Treatment ends

After you are satisfied with the results of your remedy, your treatment ends.

8.  Every year with your permission, over five years I will call you to see if your results were long lasting.  For my records, I want to know about the long term results of treatment.  Only patients who agree to participate in this follow up will be contacted.  Every year, I will ask about the symptoms that were cured.

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