First remedies

Do not be satisfied with superficial relief of symptoms

If this is a first attack, I will give you a remedy to soothe those symptoms.  Also, I will ask you to come for a second consultation after the attack has subsided.

  • You should not assume that because you no longer have symptoms of allergy, you are cured. The allergy of a basically healthy patient should be cured. Allergies are not normal.
  •  You also should not wait for another attack before your second consultation.  I want to see you when you are no longer in a crisis and you are in your normal state.

The first treatment of superficial symptoms was explicitly not intended to free you from allergy symptoms over the long term.  Even if the symptoms were very severe, the underlying cause for those symptoms cannot be treated during a crisis.

Follow-up of an acute attack is very effective and often the results come quickly, even in the office.  Also, these acute symptoms provide useful information when searching for the curative medicine to treat your underlying chronic condition.  So, never neglect to come in after your crisis has passed.

Treatment of the chronic underlying condition

On your second visit, the next remedy will treat the totality of the imbalance.  Your chronic underlying condition will be treated.  That means that other uncomfortable events in your life will be considered in the treatment.  Usually, patients come after discouraging results from typical medical and alternative treatments. Their problems are recurrent. So, for those patients, this is their first visit.

Recurrent allergies may require more than one season to cure them.

In general, allergies respond to treatment easily. If you have been taking medications over a long period, the treatment will take longer. If the condition has reoccurred for years, you may need to see your homeopath over several allergy seasons. During one season, your remedy will disappear, but then reappear during the next year. If you call your homeopath saying that the condition came back, often first, you will be asked to try repeating the medicine that was curative during the previous season. If it does not perform the magic of the previous season, probably the pattern of your reaction changed as you healed. You will need to come in for another consultation so that a different remedy can be found to cover what is left of your reaction to that allergen. During this process, the depth of your reaction to the allergen will be less uncomfortable and probably other problems will improve at the same time. Since your whole mind/body is being treated, improvement of only the immune system is unlikely.


Asthma is actual a specific example of how I treat many different conditions that could require either or both emergency and a chronic treatment.

You may be interested understanding why allergies develop.

Four step homeopath treatment process describes treatment in a more general way.

Contact me before treatment

When you first contact me, before even making an appointment, you want to find out if I can treat you.  Usually, we talk on the phone, but sometimes email is sufficient.


Meet the Author

Ellen Madono

Ellen Madono is a homeopath working in Tokyo. Currently, her work in homeopathy focuses on healing. She was born in Minneapolis Minnesota and went to West High school. At Oberlin College, she majored in Asian History. Her Ph.d. is from the University of Pittsburgh. She has a special interest in Asian Culture, language and Japanese apprenticeship. Skills in phenomenological cultural analysis have easily transferred to homeopathic case analysis. She keeps up her health through Meditation, Yushiki Breathing Practices, Classical Homeopathy, Accutonics, Akido and Parasara Yoga.

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