Without our cat at home while we were in the US for a month, we have rat dung all over the place.  I am crawling around cleaning it up with a rag.  Could never have done this crawling without Arnica.  Fell on a sharp rock and hit my patella.  No bleeding and just a slight surface tear in the skin.  The next day the blood started to infuse around the patella.  Black and blue.  Couldn’t get to a store to buy arnica.   And I did not bring my travel kit because “nothing ever happen to me.”  Bad homeopath!!!   By the following day I was limping and the knee was clearly larger than the other knee.  Took one sip of the arnica 30.  By the next morning, all signs of swelling and bleeding under the sking were gone.  No limp.  So a week later, here I am on my hands and knees wiping the floors in Japan..  Oh the wonders of Arnica.



For wounds, there should be a black and blue mark.  That is, the blood is trapped behind the skin.  Pressure of the trapped blood is causing pain and in this case limping.


A patient called the morning.  Had an aneurism about 7 weeks ago.  I got to her after surgery and about 3 weeks after her emergency hospitalization.  The family does not know homeopathy and did not know enough to call me.  She called today.  After a month of arnica 30c 3 times a day, the emotion is back in her voice.  She sounds so much better.  Again, praise be to Arnica.  Can’t wait to see her in person.



Blood is trapped behind the skull and causing pressure on the brain.  Thus, many functions were blocked.  Had her family called me earlier, the damage could have been much less.  Although she is a dear friend, I will not call her family just because I don’t know them personally and they know nothing about homeopathy.



Herscu has a great Cycles and Segment analysis of arnica on WHN freecasts.

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