Remedies = Medicines Homeopathic remedies are the only mode of treatment.  So, a word about remedies is necessary in order to describe treatment. What kind of medicine is given?   Homeopathic medicines are called remedies.  Remedies are made primarily from plants, animals, and minerals.  The original sources of homeopathic remedies were traditional medicines.  Once the principle by which remedies were […] Read More….

Is knowledge of a patient’s mental/emotional character necessary to find a remedy? In emergency or self-care homeopathy, often there is less need to know about the patient’s feelings, personality or mental state.  Although those factors can be useful in those cases too. For most chronic cases, mental/emotional symptoms are very useful.  However, when it is not […] Read More….

Starting out?    What happens initially? Unlike this seedling where the type of seed, the soil, and climate are known, you as a beginning homeopathy patient usually are not very conscious of your healing capacity. I interview to find out not only what we are healing, but also your stamina, sensitivities, and health history.  I need to select […] Read More….

What interferes with homeopathic treatment? Any kind of strong energy can interfere with treatment.  That energy can be either physical or emotional.  Strong emotions such as grief, disappointment, and even excessive joy can interfere with the treatment of a minority of patients.  People vary greatly in their sensitivity to emotions.  The extreme shock of an auto […] Read More….

Remedies and pharmaceutical drugs Are homeopathic remedies safe? Homeopathic remedies are a unique, potentised energy medicine, drawn from the plant, mineral and animal worlds. They work by gently boosting the natural energy of the body, and are very safe, even for the elderly, pregnant and sensitive patients. There is no danger of addiction or toxicity. […] Read More….

Homeopathic remedies Homeopathic treatment is given through small tasteless sugar pellets.  These pellets are soaked the specially prepared essence plants, minerals and animal products.   They are called remedies.  They are specially treated in a pharmacy so that they are much more subtle in their effect than the traditional medicines that they replace.  Because of the […] Read More….

I listen to your subtle signals of dis-ease even if you don’t know what they mean. Your body knows. So, is trust the signals. Dis-ease does not need a medical name.  The body proclaims its own truth.  The self healing of homeopathy requires only a few whispered signals of dis-ease.  Even when you are not […] Read More….

How long will it take to feel normal? To answer this question, a homeopath will always ask three questions: How many times did you have this earache? Did you use medication? And how long have you had the current earache? Medication effect Chronic ear infections were all once a sudden emergency earache usually treated with […] Read More….

Dealing with remedy evaluation . There is nothing so disappointing as finding that the most common remedy for a certain condition did not work.  Before throwing homeopathy out the window, let’s consider what is happening.  Remedy evaluation feels sometimes feels so frustrating; even for me, a professional. Like anything that is difficult, understanding the situation goes […] Read More….

Multiple sclerosis treatment Multiple sclerosis is an extremely serious disease with limited effect from standard treatment. What are the possibilities of treatment through homeopathy?  I will start with the easier circumstances and move through the more difficult conditions. Typically multiple sclerosis will begin with burning pains, tingling,  and a swollen sensation. Optic neuritis is very […] Read More….

Nonviolence Nonviolence is fundamental to alternative medicine. Even typical medical ethics claims the maxim, “First, Do no harm“.  Here, I consider non-violence by comparing Aikido’s relatively physical expression of non-violence to the expression of nonviolence in homeopathic practice. Comparing homeopathic principles with Aikido practice? I love nonviolent practices. In addition to loving homeopathy, I am also in love with a Japanese martial art called […] Read More….

When should you contact a doctor? I am not a doctor and I prefer to work with doctors. Even if I were a doctor, there are some illnesses that require specialized medical monitoring. Viral throat infections are one example among many of such illnesses when you should see a doctor before or during homeopathic treatment. How do […] Read More….

Fully developed abscess and tooth decay require dental work. Not homeopathy. The reason is the tissues have already been totally destroyed. Homeopathy cannot bring dead tissues to life. Homeopathic treatment is only successful when tissues are alive. Teeth seem dead, but actually, in health, they are alive.  Alive means cells can regenerate. When homeopathic remedies […] Read More….

Gum disease generally responds very well to homeopathy. I will outline the progress of this case with the permission of the patient. My goal is to help the reader to illustrate a partially effective treatment progress that can be expected from aging patients. Support for the elderly Elder care has an important place in homeopathy. […] Read More….

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