Remedies and pharmaceutical drugs Are homeopathic remedies safe? Homeopathic remedies are a unique, potentised energy medicine, drawn from the plant, mineral and animal worlds. They work by gently boosting the natural energy of the body, and are very safe, even for the elderly, pregnant and sensitive patients. There is no danger of addiction or toxicity. […] Read More….

Emergency medicine

  Emergency Action Chronic reoccurring illness and emergency medicine are very different in homeopathy. Actually, there is no category called emergency medicine in homeopathy.  The kind of homeopathy that is very different from chronic treatment is called acute treatment.  Acute illnesses or events are not so much sudden as they are superficial.  Typical, they happened recently and the person has not yet had time […] Read More….

Student sharing

Please fill out my online form to let me know that you are a serious student of homeopathy and want to be notified by email when I put new study materials on  I will enter your email address in a strictly private list of other serious students.  Periodically, I will email you about new offerings. I am a forever-student, as […] Read More….

Allergy medications Unless you are also suffering from asthma, in general, it is best to discontinue medications related to your allergy during homeopathic treatment, at least temporarily. Desensitization treatments also will make treatment more difficult.  Of course, they could be necessary for specific allergies or in the case of life-threatening reactions. The advantage discontinuing allergy […] Read More….

  First remedies Do not be satisfied with superficial relief of symptoms If this is a first attack, I will give you a remedy to soothe those symptoms.  Also, I will ask you to come for a second consultation after the attack has subsided. You should not assume that because you no longer have symptoms of allergy, you are […] Read More….

Why allergies?

Why immune balance heals allergies? Allergies are so common that most patients seem to assume that they are normal.  The variety  and “widespread normality” of hypersensitivity is caused by current typical medical practices, as well as stressful life styles.  They tend to undermine our immune system.  Homeopathy is designed to bring both halves of our immune system into […] Read More….

Medicine tested

Return to discussion about testing Test results are called “provings” which is taken directly from the German word for test.  Note, test results are unrelated to the English word, proof. Remedies vary in the degree to which they can be described by highly reliable test results. Reliability of “provings” is basic “shop talk” among homeopaths, and different school vary […] Read More….

What is cure? What do we actually mean by cure?  Do you personally want your homeopath to be concerned about your health even five years after curative treatment?    There is more than good karma or compassion involved.  Long-term follow-up provides valuable information about our homeopathic medicines.  How literal are we when we speak of long-term cure? […] Read More….

Return to the other descriptions of homeopathy Reliable test results Without reliable testing, consistent treatment results would be impossible.  Homeopaths are constantly trying to increase the reliability of their remedy choices.  Medicine test results are the most reliable form of evidence that a remedy will heal a specific individual’s symptoms.  Reliable tests are the strong backbone of homeopathic […] Read More….

Suppression difficulties Suppression is usually the cause for difficulty in homeopathic treatment.  You probably are aware that medical interventions suppress your body’s natural reactions.  But the phenomenon of suppression is much more broad. Interestingly, emotional suppression due to, for example, guilt, excitement, grief or pride can be potent suppressors.  From a homeopathic perspective, no emotion is good or […] Read More….

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