Homeopathy’s Overaching Principle: Symptoms (found through testing) Cure patient symptoms IF THEY ARE SIMILAR. Traditional Wisdom:  Hot ginger cures a raw throat. Only a genius can simplify what seems complex. Two years ago, a German doctor developed a simple single principle of healing that has since been clinically tested worldwide. A Japanese household herbal practice illustrates […] Read More….

Why Observation is Important? Homeopathy is based on careful observation.  With the exception of standard school education all the way to a Ph.D., my education that focuses on health care emphasizes observational skills. Values Regarding Education Learning is the flip side of teaching. Because they are so related, I also teach. Prior to learning homeopathy, I received a PhD in […] Read More….

My first self healing

My first experience with homeopathy was so veiled in ignorance, that I did not study homeopathy even after it decreased my pains by 70%. The more I study and practice homeopathy, the more I believe that I am led by the forces of good

            Even if I don’t wear designer clothes, I do choose designer medical care. Yes, I wear factory made jeans, Factory made is good enough for appearances. My mind and body require designer medicine. That’s why spend time interviewing you and choosing to the medicine to fit you as you are […] Read More….

Health Care Control

Control over health care I am not leaving my health care in the hands of politicians, insurance or pharmaceutical companies.  Even doctors have interests other than mine.  So, homeopathy is my family medicine because I want health care control to be in my hands. Support conventional medicine with homeopathy I always use homeopathy to support the mainstream […] Read More….

Gut feelings

Your gut-feelings are essential to lasting results The key to lasting result if you have chronic problems is gentle treatment based on your gut-feelings.  Problems that have developed over years heal the most throughly when they are treated gently.  Often suppressed feelings are released and patients begin to fully experience feelings and sensations that are closer to their […] Read More….

The exquisite sensitivity of an elephants trunk expresses the process of change that homeopathic treatment stimulates. Because therapy and your healing must move as a coordinated dance, your therapist will be in contact with you periodically to adjust your treatment and to help you to understand the process.   Return to previous page […] Read More….

Return to the central story of the blind men touching an elephant for the first time. Safe treatment Homeopathy is safe because remedies are diluted so that extreme reactions will not happen.  They are specially treated, so they are powerful, but, they only affect you if they fit your you and your stress reactions some significant […] Read More….

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