If he had merely noticed this curious fact, we would not speak of Hahnemann as the founder of homeopathy.  His genius lay in continual investigation into the properties of other medicinal herbs and minerals of his day applying the principle that “likes cure likes, the principle of the similum.   He not only recorded and systematized […] Read More….

The exception to this rule are strong epidemic diseases and typical home emergencies.  Treatment for these conditions are not usually individualized the way deeper chonic problems are.  They come from the outside, overwhelm you but they are not yet an significant aspects of who you are.   Thus, often, there is one treatment for everyone who has […] Read More….


Stress is any pressure or difficutly in your life that decreases the effectiveness of your immune system. What is stress to one person is not necessarily stress to another person.  Also, in different periods of your life, what you will perceive as stress varies greatly.  Because of this great variation, to choose a remedy, I need […] Read More….

If you have special needs to communicate because of changes in your health or accidents, you are encouraged to communicate as soon as possible.  Often these changes can be related to your remedy.  Any increase in communications will not be reflected in your fees.  In fact, during these times, if you do not communicate, you […] Read More….


英語で聞く勉強として、ビデオやオンラインの講義を聴く方法もあります。私が通訳も出来るがそれはあまり実際的でないかも知りません。通訳する前に聞きながら私がパサコンで英語で書きます.全部の文章を書くのもできるし、日本人に聞き取れない語彙や難しい言葉だけをかくのも可能です。 […] Read More….

Two men came to me for tinnitus.  One was outgoing and very eager to please others.  He had been forced to retire from work at age 55 and was trying to do work at home but was not very happy as a house husband.  He developed dizziness and ringing in his ears.  He had very […] Read More….

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