Emergency Action

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Emergencies require immediate action.  Follow simple rules and your gut-feelings.

Like this baby elephant following his powerful mom, you can always depend on certain remedies. Arnica for wounds, Apis for bee stings, Arsenicum for food poisoning… are some of the famous ones.  But there are many more that will easily cure in an emergency.










A small remedy kit

Simple Rule

A small remedy kit and a handbook cover most of the basics of household emergencies.  Many stores carry even more remedies.  If you read the guideline in any handbook, you will see that the simple rule is: your problem should be described in the remedy description.  Don’t worry if some of the details are different.  If the outstanding characteristics of a problem that happened just recently are described by the remedy description, then that remedy should heal the problem.  The catch is, if you misunderstand the description, then your problem will not be helped by the remedy. So, if in doubt, look on the web for several references and compare similar remedies.  Guide books are written specifically for emergency medicine, so the strong points of the remedy in a specific situation should be obvious.

Your Gut-feeling and survival instincts will guide you

Remember that symptoms that are vital to your survival as an animal are more important than for example, concerns with your social life, or symptoms that describe some invented name for a medical disease.  Your gut-feeling is more important that what a doctor says you should feel or think. Use emergencies to train your trust in your gut feelings and instinct.  The above guiding rule is simple, so don’t complicate a situation that requires immediate action.


Meet the Author

Ellen Madono

Ellen Madono is a homeopath working in Tokyo. Currently, her work in homeopathy focuses on healing. She was born in Minneapolis Minnesota and went to West High school. At Oberlin College, she majored in Asian History. Her Ph.d. is from the University of Pittsburgh. She has a special interest in Asian Culture, language and Japanese apprenticeship. Skills in phenomenological cultural analysis have easily transferred to homeopathic case analysis. She keeps up her health through Meditation, Yushiki Breathing Practices, Classical Homeopathy, Accutonics, Akido and Parasara Yoga.

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