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Chronic reoccurring illness and emergency medicine are very different in homeopathy. Actually, there is no category called emergency medicine in homeopathy.  The kind of homeopathy that is very different from chronic treatment is called acute treatment.  Acute illnesses or events are not so much sudden as they are superficial.  Typical, they happened recently and the person has not yet had time to adjust the reaction to it’s own individualistic tendencies.  If this recent shock to the mind or body is strong so a relatively generic reaction.  For that reason, one or at least a small number of remedies (homeopathic medicines) will at least begin to heal the problem.

If the blow is severe, later another deeper remedy will be required.

A subacute reaction to stress looks exactly like an acute reaction.  However, on taking the case, we find the reaction is similar to other reactions in the past, or the pattern belongs to a deeper syndrome.  A sub-acute reaction then is treated with a chronic remedy.

Because differentiating between subacute and chronic conditions often requires a deep interview to make the distinction, it is easy to make a mistake.  When the depth of the remedy is inappropriate, it may not be as effective as expected.  With an ineffective or partially effective remedy, time is lost, but there is no damage done otherwise.

The importance of following the correct acute remedy with a chronic remedy is discussed in the specific case of asthma and hay fever.  The basic principle described in the asthma case is true of all such treatments.

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Ellen Madono

Ellen Madono is a homeopath working in Tokyo. Currently, her work in homeopathy focuses on healing. She was born in Minneapolis Minnesota and went to West High school. At Oberlin College, she majored in Asian History. Her Ph.d. is from the University of Pittsburgh. She has a special interest in Asian Culture, language and Japanese apprenticeship. Skills in phenomenological cultural analysis have easily transferred to homeopathic case analysis. She keeps up her health through Meditation, Yushiki Breathing Practices, Classical Homeopathy, Accutonics, Akido and Parasara Yoga.

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