Homeo What?

Even if you are well informed, the discussion attached to every blind man’s hand may give you an opportunity to ask questions.  I reply to all comments.


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 In the parable of the blind man touching an elephant for the first time in their lives, they all described the elephant differently depending on what part of the elephant they touched.  Like an elephant, homeopathy is broad, has many dimensions. Similar to the blind persons, each person experiencing or investigating homeopathy for the first time will describe something different.

Hard versus soft perceptions

Soft, intuitive, creative

If you have used natural healing methods before, metaphorically speaking, you probably have touched some of the soft parts of the homeopathy elephant. All the soft part of the elephant (the ears, trunk, belly and tail) may feel familiar to some unrelated aspect of your life experience.  To you, the hard parts of the elephant may still feel unfamiliar (the tusks, the leg and the spine).



Hard, analytical, abstract, data

If pharmaceutical drugs and surgery are the foundations of your medical experience, then the soft parts of the homeopathy elephant will probably feel unfamiliar. You will, however, understand why we use test results; why different kinds of evidence are weighed differently and etc. These are the very important structural elements of homeopathy.

Elephant WordLinks

Depending on what they touch, the blind men describe the homeopathy elephant differently.



oft treatment common to many alternative therapies are even more refined in homeopathy.

ear smallHomeopathy is protective and safe.  Treatment is soft because it is tailored to you.read more


NoseSmallerThe sensitivity of the elephant’s trunk expresses the difficult to explain wonderful aspects of homeopathy . read more

bellysmallInterviews are a chance to talk through your gut-feeling from your daily life and past experiences.  My job is to find the pattern in these experiences and match a remedy to your description.  read more

tailsmallHomeopathy is the handiest home emergency medicine.  There are many emergency remedies that anyone can learn to use.read more



ard rationality of homeopathy is unique in alternate medical treatment systems.


Testing is the backbone homeopathy.  Testing provides the most reliable evidence necessary select the most healing medicine. read more

a tusk is a tool

A hard pointed tool

references.read more

The science of homeopathy is based on a single principle.read more