What is the difference between a case where a constitutional treatment needed for an ear infection and an acute remedy? When ear infections reoccur, usually strong antibiotics have been used to treat them. Otitis medica is like skin problems that are suppressed by ointments, these antibiotics, steroids etc., force the problems deeper into the body [...]

. There is nothing so disappointing as finding that the most common remedy for a certain condition did not work.  Before throwing homeopathy out the window, let's consider what is happening.  Remedy evaluation feels sometimes feels so frustrating; even for me, a professional. Like anything that is difficult, understanding the situation goes a long way in [...]

Nonviolence is fundamental to alternative medicine. Even typical medical ethics claims the maxim, "First, Do no harm".  Here, I consider non-violence by comparing Aikido's relatively physical expression of non-violence to the expression of nonviolence in homeopathic practice. I love nonviolent practices. In addition to loving homeopathy, I am also in love with a Japanese martial art called Aikido.  The practice of these healing arts [...]