cases of specific_diseases

What is the difference between a case where a constitutional treatment needed for an ear infection and an acute remedy? When ear infections reoccur, usually strong antibiotics have been used to treat them. Otitis medica is like skin problems that are suppressed by ointments, these antibiotics, steroids etc., force the problems deeper into the body [...]

Gum disease generally responds very well to homeopathy. I will outline the progress of this case with the permission of the patient. My goal is to help the reader to illustrate a partially effective treatment progress that can be expected from aging patients. Elder care has an important place in homeopathy.  Unfortunately, often because the [...]

Two men came to me for tinnitus.  One was outgoing and very eager to please others.  He had been forced to retire from work at age 55 and was trying to do work at home but was not very happy as a house husband.  He developed dizziness and ringing in his ears.  He had very [...]