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What do we actually mean by cure?  Do you personally want your homeopath to be concerned about your health even five years after curative treatment?    There is more than good karma or compassion involved.  Long-term follow-up provides valuable information about our homeopathic medicines.  How literal are we when we speak of long-term cure?  It is heart-warming [...]

Return to the other descriptions of homeopathy Medicine test results are the most reliable form of evidence that a remedy will heal a specific individual's symptoms. However, the reliability of these test results is based on the analytical ability and judgment of the person who runs the tests.  Two hundred years of clinical practice have shown that the model tester was the founder [...]

Internet Course on Homeopathic Case Analysis Dr. Shahrdar's class is over, but the basic idea is so important to implimenting miasmatic analysis that I am not taking these videos down. Dr. Aradavan Shahrdar's method of solving homeopathic cases that lack the type of symptoms that help us to find a healing remedy. This case and [...]

  I just came back from Malaysia after taking a 3 day all day course with a brilliant MD Iranian homeopath, Ardavan Shahrdar.  He is discriminated against in the West because of international politics, I am not sure how well known his work is known, but at the seminar at least, I was one of [...]