Medicated homeopathy?

Is homeopathy effective with medications?


Many patients choose to use drugs with homeopathy.  Why? Here are two possible extremes between patients who use homeopathy.

Suffering is overwhelming:

  • Must continue medications along side homeopathic treatment.
  • Must avoid the side effects of medications. Sometimes with their doctor’s support, medications can be slowly reduced as patients start feeling better.
  • Other treatments do not cure.  Different problems continue to appear and other treatments never get to the root of the problems.
  • Need to approach my issues slowly and carefully.
medication balancing with homeopathy and suffering

How do you balance medication with suffering?

Healthy lifestyle as an ideal.

  • Avoid unnecessary medications and surgeries
  • Learn how to treat everyday problems without over-the-counter drugs.
  • Feel independent and free


I believe that each individual needs to balance medications against both long and short term suffering.  In most cases, I can work with patients using drugs with homeopathy.

 More introduction to pharmaceutical drugs, safety, diet and lifestyle during treatment.

 Balancing pharmaceutical drugs during asthma and hay fever treatment.

Why do others choose homeopathy?

Expect Results.

Ellen Madono

I choose homeopathy because I want control over my health.  I might go in for medical checkups, and theoretically, lab tests can be useful. Actually,  I have found that through careful observation of myself, my family and pets, we only need to have our teeth cleaned.  I depend on a Japanese chiropractics to keep my back in shape.  Like homeopathy, all forms of health care are best when skillful methods of observation are used.

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