Dr. Ardavan Shahrdar Miasmatic Analysis

Internet Course on Homeopathic Case Analysis

Dr. Shahrdar’s class is over, but the basic idea is so important to implimenting miasmatic analysis that I am not taking these videos down.
Dr. Aradavan Shahrdar’s method of solving homeopathic cases that lack the type of symptoms that help us to find a healing remedy. This case and the later analysis of the case is public, but later cases will be accessible only through a private site (secondtimeShahrdarCases.wiki.com) where members will discuss the cases. You are invited to sign up for the class  The class is designed for professional homeopaths and students of homeopathy.


Interview of Dr. Shahrdar:  http://hpathy.com/homeopathic-interviews/ardavan-shahrdar/

Meet the Author

Ellen Madono

Ellen Madono is a homeopath working in Tokyo. Currently, her work in homeopathy focuses on healing. She was born in Minneapolis Minnesota and went to West High school. At Oberlin College, she majored in Asian History. Her Ph.d. is from the University of Pittsburgh. She has a special interest in Asian Culture, language and Japanese apprenticeship. Skills in phenomenological cultural analysis have easily transferred to homeopathic case analysis. She keeps up her health through Meditation, Yushiki Breathing Practices, Classical Homeopathy, Accutonics, Akido and Parasara Yoga.

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