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What happens when you see a homeopath?

Traditional homeopathy only uses one remedy at a time. What you will experience when you receive the correct remedy can include the disappearance of specific symptoms, more energy, stronger immune system functions, and a sense of increased well-being. Homeopathic treatments have rapid and far-reaching effects. Even if the changes require time to develop, they usually are long-lasting.  There is no danger of damaging side effects.  

However remedy prescription efficacy varies with the accuracy of the prescription.  If your remedy is incorrect, then using it a few times will not affect you at all.  If your remedy is close but incorrect, it will affect you a little, but will not heal you even over several years.  A slightly incorrect remedy can cause you to produce a reaction that can be used to prescribe a more correct remedy.  Usually, I can predict the accuracy of my prescriptions and I tell them what to expect.

Does a homeopathic illness always get worse after starting treatment?

No.  Usually a problem that follows initial use of a remedy is the reemergence of a suppressed symptom that is preventing you from healing.  If no suppression of symptoms has occurred, then worsening of symptoms is unlikely.  When they do occur, such “aggravations” are typically shorter and milder than reactions to real illness or injury.  An aggravation followed by a general improvement of your well being (better sleep, appetite, more energy, speed of recovery) is a clear sign of healing.

Does homeopathy require physical examination?

Homeopaths vary here.  I think physical examinations can be very useful.  I am not a doctor, therefore, I rely on your doctor to do physical medical examinations.  Lab reports can also be useful.  I learn a lot about patients and their bodies when I do body work or teach them yoga.  

How fast is homeopathy?

The following answer is a bit complex because the truth is, I can only give you an informed answer after talking with you and finding out about your individual situation.  To get a better answer to this question, email me so that we can talk on the phone first.  The answer to this question has a lot of variation depending on many individual conditions.

For a flu that would normally last 3-10 days, with timely treatment, recovery using a remedy can take 2 days.  Homeopathy remedies sometime heal immediately.  The longer you have had a problem, the longer a cure will take.  A rule of thumb is: for every year of chronic disease, it may take you about one month to heal.  Problems that have not been suppressed with surgeries or medicines in general heal much more quickly than problems that have been medically treated.  The more problems you have, the more likely your case is complex and healing usually also takes more time.  Even though your symptoms are very uncomfortable, if you can describe how you feel very clearly, this will improve the accuracy of remedy selection which will also speed up healing.  The more sick you with many chronic symptoms, the less energy you will have to heal and the longer healing will take. 

On the other hand, by working slowly and gently on persistent problems, the more likely you are to completely heal without a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Is knowledge of the patient’s mental/emotional character necessary to find a remedy?

In emergency or self care homeopathy, often there is less need to know about the patient’s feelings, personality or mental state.  Although those factors can be useful in those cases too.

For most chronic cases, mental/emotional symptoms are very useful.  However, when it is not possible to understand these more subjective symptoms, homeopaths rely on physical symptoms.  Some patients have no mental/emotional pathologies and only physical symptoms.  The reason for this varies and can be important to accurately choose a remedy.

My policy is not to pry into the problems of people who are related my patient.  All I need to know is how my patient reacts to the problems of others. 

My privacy policy requires me to avoid talking about the problems of my patients to others.

Can you help me if I have no physical symptoms?

Sometimes either the physical or the emotional side of the patient is unclear in the first interview.  Often the missing symptoms are hidden because they were suppressed by medications or like most people, we suppress what we feel we should not feel.

By giving the first remedy, the missing symptoms appear.  This is because usually the physical and the emotional aspects are related.  Mind and body make up a whole living being.  With more information, a more appropriate remedy can be selected.  This is likely to be a much more powerful remedy for healing.

What will interfere with homeopathic treatment?

Drugs that strongly suppress the natural functions of the body will interfere with remedies that are meant to restore those functions.  Thus steroids and other immunosuppressants will interfere.

Camphor, some dental treatments, coffee (both decaf and regular coffee if you are not used to them) may interfere because of their strong odor.  Strong shocks, either emotional or physical can stop a remedy from working.  So, surgeries, car accidents and death of a loved one can be important factors in stopping the effect of treatment.

Remedies and Medications

Are homeopathic remedies safe?

Homeopathic remedies are a unique, potentised energy medicine, drawn from the plant, mineral and animal worlds. They work by gently boosting the natural energy of the body, and are very safe, even for the elderly, pregnant and sensitive patients. There is no danger of addiction or toxicity.

 Can I continue my medications when I start homeopathic treatment? Homeopathic remedies do not interfere with other medications. However, after the well chosen remedy begins working, most people find that they can decrease their medications and in many cases eliminate them.  For medicines which are necessary for your health, this should be done with your doctor’s support.

What will interfere with homeopathic treatment?

Drugs that strongly suppress the natural functions of the body will interfere with remedies that are meant to restore those functions.  Thus steroids and other immunosuppressants will interfere.  Still, homeopathy can be used with these drugs.  They will slow down your body’s healing powers, so the homeopathic remedy will not be as effective, but it still will work.

Any strong stimulus that you are not accustomed to, can antidote a working remedy.  Thus, Camphor, some dental treatments, coffee (both decaf and regular coffee) may antidote or interferer.  Strong shocks, either emotional or physical can stop a remedy from working.  So, surgeries, car accidents and death of a loved one can be important factors in stopping the effect of treatment.

Will I need to change my diet?

Only if you normally eat a substance that is toxic or irritating to your system would you need to change you diet.

Can diabetics use homeopathic sugar pills?

Yes.  The amount of sugar used in homeopathy is insignificant.  One tiny pill is about the size of three grains of sugar.  It is placed in a half bottle of water and only a drop at a time of that is taken.  So, the amount of sugar used is insignificant.

Are homeopaths always against vaccination?

This is a controversial subject among homeopaths.  I believe that if there is no evidence of immune system damage, vaccinations may not cause obvious harm, but to avoid possible damage to the immune system, vaccinations should be kept to a minimum.  For example the hypersensitivity of allergies suggests immune system damage.  Because vaccinations cause an artificial increase of antibodies, persons who are already hypersensitive are also vulnerable to further damage.

Problems Affected by Homeopathic Treatment

Is homeopathy only for chronic problems?

No.  homeopathy can treat most household emergencies:  normal children’s sicknesses, after surgery or birth self care, or light burns and wounds.  Standard medical practice is advantageous in cases where an organ or life is endangered.  By knowing homeopathic emergency treatment, you can avoid most strong emergency medicinns.  


Can homeopathic remedies be given to newborns, infants, lactating or pregnant women?

Yes.  The bodies of lactating or pregnant women are experiencing rapid hormonal changes, which causes them to be more easily adversely affected by normal medicines.  For them, use of natural homeopathic remedies is a great advantage.

When is homeopathy not effective?

Some factors supporting a problem cannot be treated by homeopathy.  For example. toxins or stress from a job will continue to cause illness so although the appropriate homeopathic remedy may temporarily improve the patient’s condition, the problem will reoccur.


If you continue the habits that caused your problems, homeopathy cannot directly cure your problem. However, it may affect your self awareness which will indirectly help you to change your habits.

Homeopathy is most effective when problems have not caused irreversible damage to the body tissues.  For example, asthma is an inflammation of the lungs.  If the inflammation has not irreversibly damaged the lungs, homeopathy can be used to calm the inflammation and to restore a general higher level of health.  If, however, inflammation has progressed to Emphysema, meaning the cells lining the lungs have been destroyed, homeopathy can help the patient to feel better, but it will not restore dead cells.

Diseases that have destroyed vital organ tissues may be difficult to recover from with homeopathy, but some homeopaths focus on these diseases.  As this time, I am avoiding them because they require the cooperation of a doctor.

What is the best remedy for diarrhea, flu, depression or headaches?

If these conditions are not chronic, there are easy to distinguish remedies that more commonly work when certain distinct symptoms arise.  However, often if your symptoms repeat themselves, they are chronic.  For chronic problems, the remedy must suit the entire constitution of the patient.  So, in for chronic conditions, there is no simple answer to this question.

Will I have to take a remedy that helped me for the rest of my life?

No.  After you have met your healing goals, you will stop taking your remedy. You should store your remedies in a dry dark place because they do not spoil and when you have a crisis, sometimes the remedy that affected you deeply in the past will help you again.

Global Homeopathy

How is homeopathy used in other countries?

The use of homeopathy over two centuries and throughout the world attests to its importance.  It is covered by national health insurance in countries such as France and Mexico.  It is often an elite medicine because each patient is treated individually. That is, we think about each patient as an individual which save much time and money but at first may cost more than automatic medical procedures. For example, the primary physician of the Queen of England and her family is a homeopathic doctor.  It is widely used in Europe and South America.  In India, homeopathic doctors receive the same basic education as any other medical doctors and then they specialize in homeopathy.

How long has Homeopathy been used?

Homeopathy has been used in the Europe for over two hundred years, but has an honorable tradition dating back to ancient Greece. It was Samuel Hahnemann was brilliant German doctor working in 1796. He developed the scientific and philosophical foundations of this gentler way of healing.  These scientific principles form the basis of successful homeopathic practice today.

Remedies and Medication
Problems Affected by Homeopathic Treatment
Global Homeopathy

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