Remedies and pharmaceutical drugs

Remedies and pharmaceutical drugs

Are homeopathic remedies safe?

Homeopathic remedies are a unique, potentised energy medicine, drawn from the plant, mineral and animal worlds. They work by gently boosting the natural energy of the body, and are very safe, even for the elderly, pregnant and sensitive patients. There is no danger of addiction or toxicity.

 Can I continue my medications when I start homeopathic treatment? Homeopathic remedies do not interfere with other medications. However, after the well-chosen remedy begins working, most people find that they can decrease their medications and in many cases eliminate them.  For medicines which are necessary for your health, this should be done with your doctor’s support.  For a discussion of asthma medication reduction click here

What will interfere with homeopathic treatment?

Drugs that strongly suppress the natural functions of the body will interfere with remedies that are meant to restore those functions.  Thus steroids and other immunosuppressants will interfere.  Still, homeopathy can be used with these drugs.  They will slow down your body’s healing powers, so the homeopathic remedy will not be as effective, but it still will work.

Any strong stimulus that you are not accustomed to, can antidote a working remedy.  Thus, Camphor, some dental treatments, coffee (both decaf and regular coffee) may antidote or interfere.  Strong shocks, either emotional or physical can stop a remedy from working.  So, surgeries, car accidents and death of a loved one can be important factors in stopping the effect of treatment.

Will I need to change my diet?

Only if you normally eat a substance that is toxic or irritating to your system would you need to change your eating habits. However, because homeopathic treatment depends on your inherent life force or energy level, any diet that lowers that will adversely affect your treatment.  Happily, remedies affect unhealthy attitudes.  So, if you have an unhealthy diet or addictions, if you choose to pay attention to changes in your perceptions, your tastes, appetite, and compulsions could also change in a healthy way. So, it is fine to change your habits gradually.  That way, you can benefit from the help that your curative remedy can give you.

Can diabetics use homeopathic sugar pills?

Yes.  The amount of sugar used in homeopathy is insignificant.  One tiny pill is about the size of three grains of sugar.  It is placed in a half bottle of water and only a drop at a time of that is taken.  So, the amount of sugar used is insignificant.

Are homeopaths always against vaccination?

This is a controversial subject among homeopaths.  I believe that if there is no evidence of immune system damage, vaccinations may not cause obvious harm, but to avoid possible damage to the immune system, vaccinations should be kept to a minimum.  For example, the hypersensitivity of allergies suggests immune system damage.  Because vaccinations cause an artificial increase of antibodies, persons who are already hypersensitive are also vulnerable to further damage. Those nuggets of wisdom should help you to make choices when facing vaccination mandates.

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