With the author’s permission, Fran Sheffield, the following information has been copied from My correspondence with Fran is also noted below.  Note that I take issue with some implications of the article. Epidemics and the spread of homeopathy Historical literature was riddled with further accounts of homeoprophylaxis, including its use during the great epidemics These [...]

Homeopathy 101

This class is available on demand. Small group class to teach you techniques to limit your needs for antibiotics and strong medications. Learn to use your doctor’s evaluations while avoiding his drugs. Feel competent when you are traveling with young children. Lay the foundation for the next step: home care for fevers and flu. * [...]

If you have special needs to communicate because of changes in your health or accidents, you are encouraged to communicate as soon as possible.  Often these changes can be related to your remedy.  Any increase in communications will not be reflected in your fees.  In fact, during these times, if you do not communicate, you [...]