The Healing Zone

The Healing Zone is custom fitted to to you. Treatment should feel like a comfortable pair of well worn jeans. Not too tight, but not so baggy that they get in the way of your life. Treatment focus your own natural healing energy in a zone that covers both you and your problems. You do the healing naturally so you don’t need darts to treat narrowly defined problems.

The healing zone of homeopathic treatment is broad and gentle. It covers you as a whole person who has complex of problems. Similar to normal aim, a skilled homeopath carefully aims treatment. The correctly aimed treatment will cover both “You and Your Lifestyle” and “Your Problem.” I consider you as a whole person: a thinking, feeling whole body.

Meet the Author

Ellen Madono is a homeopathy working for She has a private clinic in Saitama City 40 minutes north of Tokyo. She has been practicing homeopathy since 2004.

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