The Process


Steps to Homeopathic Treatment


Making an Appointment

Most people call me or email to make the first appointment.  I am open to talking with you shortly by phone. This is also your opportunity to ask a question such as your potentials for healing using homeopathy.


Preliminary Interview

During the preliminary interview after learning the nature of your problem, usually, I give you a questionnaire. If you come with an emergency, I take care of it on the spot. In most cases, I ask you to respond to a questionnaire that you will take home with you. I explain how and why I am asking you to answer the questionnaire. I am not a doctor so I do not do physical examinations, but I will ask you to show me the physical symptoms of your body and I will ask you for an overview of your medical and life history.  Details such as where you work, your childhood and your family’s medical history will be asked. For this preliminary interview, you should bring documents concerning lab tests or a medical diagnosis, medications, supplements, and other treatments or illnesses.   I will want to know about any other activity that affects your well being.  The normal preliminary interview takes from 20 minutes to an hour.

Main Interview

You must bring your filled-in questionnaire or send it ahead of time.   Especially if you have a problem that keeps reoccurring or that has bothered you for a while, then you need time to observe your symptoms, so that you can accurately fill out the questionnaire concerning your symptoms. For that reason, I give you a week to a month to fill-in this important questionnaire. This questionnaire is the basis for my prescription, so accuracy is vital to effective treatment.  During the main interview, while looking at your answers to the questionnaire, I will ask for more detail. If you have given me good information, I will research your remedy while you are in the office.  If not, I will ask to give me more information.

If you have given me good answers to the questionnaire, I will give you a remedy at my office. At this time, you will be asked to communicate with me about the progress of your remedy. If the questionnaire does not adequately cover your problem, then I will need to hear more from you.

Follow-up Interview 

A follow up to the main interview is always important.  On the telephone, I may ask you some more questions to decide what kind of follow-up interview you can expect.  If your remedy outcome was successful, your next follow-up interview takes only 20-30 minutes.  If it was not successful, your follow-up interview will be longer.

The secret to progress in healing with homeopathy is good management of the timing for taking your remedy. Until the next follow-up interview, I am looking at your response to the remedy in order to decide how often you should be exposed to your remedy to get the optimum response

The follow-up interview is repeated approximately regular intervals.  Your response to your remedy could change, your life could change.  If for example, you become ill or have an accident, you remedy could change and you need to make an appointment. Sometimes it is necessary to shift to a different remedy.

Observe and call back

We ask you to observe your symptoms and call us back if they come back.  Homeopathy is about healing.  The symptoms should disappear or become more bearable.  After you are satisfied with the results, your treatment ends.  Sometimes symptoms reoccur even years after the treatment has ended.  At that time you should call me back.

First, you will be instructed to try the previous curative remedy.  If that does not work, then you need to make another appointment.  Usually, this treatment is much shorter and simpler.

Every year with your permission, over five years I will call you to see if your results were long lasting.  For my records, I want to know about the long-term results of treatment.  Only patients who agree to participate in this follow-up will be contacted.  Every year, I will ask about the symptoms that were cured.

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