Fees for Homeopathic Treatment

(Fees are subject to exchange rate change)

25% off
Individual first interview

(discount for additional members family members)

 20,000 Yen or $180

(15,000 Yen or $135)

First two beginning interview time schedule
Introduction:  30 minutes

In-depth interview:  1 hour, 1 week later

FOLLOW UP INTERVIEWS Fees Interview time
A. When a new remedy is needed.

(Discount for additional members family members)


10,000 Yen or $90

(7,500 Yen or $70)

1-3 hours

B. If a new remedy is not needed.

(Discount for additional members family members)

5,000 Yen or $45

(3,500 Yen or $30)

30 minutes

The Treatment Process (explaining the above chart)

Beginning Treatment Process

  1.  First appointment content: Instruction about how to fill out the questionnaire and homeopathic treatment.
  2. Submit the questionnaire
  3.  After one week, a second appointment for a more detailed interview
  4. Receive and take the remedy
  5. Report back remedy effect
  6. Make the next appointment

Follow up interviews

▪ If the results of the initial treatment were not satisfactory, more research is required and the interview is longer.


▪ If the remedy results are satisfactory, research on a new remedy is not required, so the interview is shorter.

Other Fees

Remedy handling charges and mailing fees 1,000 Yen or $8.86 for the first remedy and 500 Yen or $4.42 for each additional remedy. Mailing costs.
Out of office interviews  

1000 Yen or $8.85 per one hour of travel plus cost of transportation (tickets, taxi etc., ).




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