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If your doctor told you that you don’t have a medical problem or that there is no medical solution, you should not give up.   You can be treated with homeopathy even though the cause of your problem is not known or there is no medical treatment available.

You can have single problems or multiple problems.

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There are some exceptions to this rule. (more….)

In contrast, chronic problems are always individualized.   Instead of curing disease, by knowing the cause or by finding  a general disease category, I find patterns of discomfort and stress.  Also, your history of problems will reveal your individual  patterns.  Because I am looking for patterns that are particular to you, you may have several of the problems described below.

If stress increases with enough problems, new problem occurs.

If stress, or the causes of the problems increase, new problem occurs.

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Unrelated problems can also be linked simply because they cause stress.

Below are some typical problems that I treat.

  • Sudden shifts in your body chemistry are often times when weakness appears.  big belliesProblems stemming from hormonal changes due to pregnancy, puberty, menopause and aging are typical.
  • Hypersensitivity of the skin and mucus membranes in the digestive tract, sinus cavities, lungs ect.  These problems often are described as allergies.
  • Preparation and recovery from major surgeries.  Delayed recovery from major illnesses.
Stressful emotional responses cause you further stress.

Rage (or its opposite a lack of feeling) are only symptoms. The deeper condition needs to be addressed

  • Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, mood instability, panic or a lack of motivation.  Deteriorating health after loss of loved ones.  Cases of  Tinnitus when nervous hypersensitivity was at the base of the problem.
  • Household emergencies such as injuries, burns, care after surgery and dental work.

  • Autism, learning problems, hyperactivity in children.

Adults can be bothered by the problems of children but they hide their symptoms better. Homeopathy can help them too.

  • Damage from vaccinations and medications often hide other problems that seem unrelated.

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