I have been practicing homeopathy since 2003.  Some patients I had in the US have continued with me through telephone consultations and they introduce other patients.  I get to know patients very well and take great pleasure in their development.  So often we stay in touch after their treatment.  Some patients become my students and practice homeopathy with their families.  They ordered small homeopathy kits after I held telephone and home classes for them.  While I am treating them, I also explain what I am thinking.  When they get stuck they call me for help.  The following are their unedited stories.

A patient who found her spiritual calling -Homeopathy was the door to a whole new view of life.

cartoon spiritual growthI would like to take this opportunity to introduce Ellen Madono to you.  I called her Mrs. Ellen because I don’t want to call her by first name and to show my respect for her.   I have known Mrs. Ellen for almost five years or maybe longer.   I have been her homeopathic patient for almost two years.   I began working with Mrs. Ellen because of menstrual cramping.   Before I become Mrs. Ellen’s patient, I used to call my office to request for a sick day on every first day of my period because I was in so much pain that I had hard time of getting off my bed.   After a few months using the remedy that she gave me, the cramping went away.  Instead of saying that my problem was cured, she told me that the cause for the cramping still needed to be healed.

I had not told her about my difficulties at work, but as I got to know her better, we began to discuss these emotional topics that I have never imagined could be helped through homeopathy. At the same time, I didn’t tell her about my problems eating because they didn’t seem important to me, but my sister, who is a medical student, wrote Mrs. Ellen a letter telling her about my lack of appetite.   One day Mrs. Ellen called and asked me to change my remedy.   That remedy was magic.   My appetite became normal and today I take great pride in my cooking and am proudly to say that I am a happy and content vegetarian.   With help of Mrs. Ellen, my emotional problems of relaxing and being around other people or withstanding stress are at a normal level.

Before the new remedy, she had been teaching me and my friend meditation and yoga by webcam.  She made practice recordings for us that we used with our iPod.   Through her, I further pursue my interests in yoga, in meditation, in making myself a better person.  I am proudly to say that she is my mentor, and my adviser.  Without her insights and advice, I wouldn’t have found my path in Vipassana Meditation.   I am currently steady walking the path of Dhamma.  She teaches me to look inside of myself, and she also teaches me so many life valuable lessons.

She is the wisest lady I have ever known. She is great in homeopathy practice. Believe it or not, she is the only one outside of my family, who makes me talk openly about myself.   She is probably the only one that I am comfortable talking about anything.   So if you are interested in homeopathy remedy treatment, Mrs. Ellen is the one to talk to.   She has affordable remedy treatment fees.   I promise you, you will be amazed once you get to know her.

—  Yuan Jy


Students from a telephone class – Classes make homeopathy understandable and useful in daily life.

Ellen Madono held a class with me and some other interested people.  She was very generous with her time and taught us many things about homeopathy.  She also gave a workshop to more people.  It was a one day introduction. We made some emergency medical kits.  During the long-term class I saw some first-hand recoveries. The one that stands out in my mind was a woman who had numerous issues, some of which were psychological, others physical. She was also seeing a naturopath who helped her with other organ support during these changes. Her recovery was remarkable, and she continues to function very well, thanks to the help of Ellen. She lost excess weight, was able to stand up for herself- finally and got her health back after being severely compromised for at least 20 years.  — Teri Nomura

I have worked with Ellen Madono as a student and have only the highest regard for her integrity as a practitioner.  She is patient, thorough and really gets to the essence of the health issues.  I was also a practice subject for the class; Ellen guided students through the process of ‘peeling the onion’ till reaching the core issue and remedy.  I am most impressed with her knowledge and skill.  — Catherine Kane

Holly and Jeff


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