How Much of Me Does Homeopathy Cover?

Visualizing a Whole Person
These illustrations are intended to help you to understand how much of you can be effected by Homeopathic treatment.  My ideas are not necessarily specific to homeopathy and many other homeopaths may think differently than me.  These illustrations are a responses to my patient’s  questions.  The concepts presented here are not so difficult, but they maybe unfamiliar.

These are visualizations of patients.  You are probably asking why didn’t I draw the image of a person?  To me looking at you as a patient, how you appear externally represents physical, emotional and mental reality that cannot be seen.  Only you directly experience that reality and you can express only a small part of your experience.  Other people may remember you by your face or other visual characteristics, you know that aspects of your that are not visual are more important.  You experience physical sensations, feel and think.  Some people are more aware of their spirit as well.  People vary greatly in their degree of self awareness.  I could make a different abstract pictures for each patient.  But as an analysis, these are the areas that are important for your treatment.

Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit in a Triangle

Imagine that your body, emotions, mind and spirit all differently colored.  I think of the spirit as your base.  If you are stable, your spirit is below all of the other forms of who you are.

background color gradations triangle English

People Differ in their Proportion of Body, Emotion and Intellect

more body colors

What is the Spirit?
The spirit can be understood as aspects of you that take no physical form.  Love, hope, inspiration, intuition, imagination, thought and will are some examples.  A mother can be infatuated with her child.  If she is over indulged, her  love may have become limited to the material existence of one person.  The spirit is present, but it is confused with emotions, strategic intellectual planning and, ect.   Through this involvement with the material world (the upper layers of my triangle – body, emotions and intellect), the spirit can also become involved with illness and suffering.  When the spirit shines through as pure light, obsession with body, emotion or intellectual preoccupations does is not the dominant expression of the spirit.

Some people have many wounds and their lives difficult yet the light of the spirit seems to shine through their every action, it glows in their face and shows in their words.  These people may be suffer from some illness, but they are also quite healthy.

Some people have many wounds and their lives are difficult, yet the light of the spirit seems to shine through their every action, it glows in their face and shows in their words. These people may be suffer from some physical illness, but they are also quite healthy in the sense that they maintain an emotional and intellectual sense of balance. They recover from stress quickly and easily. Homeopathy may help with these aspects of health: balance and quick recovery from imbalance.

Aging and other Stress Cause or Maintain Chronic Disease
Different shapes

If we are lucky, we all die of chronic disease.  We all strive to live gracefully through the normal suffering which are eventually caused by aging and other forms of stress.

Sometimes the people and activities that we love most become a source of stress. Sometimes we Sometimes we don’t know which came first, the illness or the external stress.  When our body, emotions and mind do not allow our spirits to shine, or when external causes of stress seem to limit our ability to express ourselves freely, homeopathic treatment can help.

work rock English

Homeopathy is not about making you perfect or eliminating stress in your life.  You do that through your awareness.

By balancing your body functions, emotions and intellectual functions, you will find ways to either decrease stress in your life or to change the way you respond to stress.

Seesaw English

As we age, our ability to adapt to physical stress decreases.  Think of  this common physical example.  As we age, after climbing stairs it takes us longer to regain our breath.  This is especially true if we do not exercise.  In a balanced state, the relative amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our blood is fixed.   Physical functions of the body are organized to regain a balanced state.   When you exert yourself as in climb stairs, you use up oxygen and increase the amount of carbon dioxide in your blood.  This imbalance or oxygen and carbon dioxide will cause you to breath in harder and increase the amount of oxygen until a balanced state is reached.  If you are older, even with exercise it will take longer to regain a normal breath rate.  This balancing occurs all of our functions.  Not just physical functions but emotional and intellectual functions as well.  Inability to stop worrying or constant planning of work interrupting sleep are examples of hyperactive emotional and intellectual imbalance.

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