When to Call about Changes in Your Health

If you have special needs to communicate because of changes in your health or accidents, you are encouraged to communicate as soon as possible.  Often these changes can be related to your remedy.  Any increase in communications will not be reflected in your fees.  In fact, during these times, if you do not communicate, you risk slowing the progress of healing.  It is best to keep me informed of all changes in your health.  This is true especially while you do not know about homeopathy and are not sure what could be related to your remedy.  With experience, you will have a better understanding.  Too much communication is preferable to too little.

Meet the Author

Ellen Madono is a homeopathy working for Tokyohomeopathy.com. She has a private clinic in Saitama City 40 minutes north of Tokyo. She has been practicing homeopathy since 2004.

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