Why acute care is included in your fee

Because I am monitoring the progress of your remedy, I have included  simple acute care in the cost of chronic homeopathic treatment.  I am hoping that you will learn to call me when they have any problem during your chronic care.  The problem could be mental emotional as well as physical.  Even shocks to the mind and body which are unrelated to your remedy can affect its action (eg., surgery, dental work, grief, illness, exposure to toxins, unfamiliar medications).  Because these seemingly unrelated problems are often actually related to your remedy, it is useful to call about any problem or prospective use of medication.  Often treatment will be covered by your interview fee.  You should be discussed these problems with me as soon as possible.

If you are going to add a treatment or medication to yourself care, you should contact me.  These additional treatments can be compatible with homeopathy, but they may affect your remedy.   My job is to follow the progress of your remedy, so I want to know if you are making major changes.

Meet the Author

Ellen Madono is a homeopathy working for Tokyohomeopathy.com. She has a private clinic in Saitama City 40 minutes north of Tokyo. She has been practicing homeopathy since 2004.

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