Responsive Homeopathy

Responding to your needs


You are already healthy, so I:

  • Avoid unnecessary medications and surgeries
  • Learn how to treat everyday problems without over-the-counter drugs.
  • Feel independent and free

You are suffering, so I:

  • Avoid the side effects of medications
  • Other treatments do not cure.  Different problems continue to plague you and other treatments never get to the root of your problems, so I carefully listen for the patterns behind your problems to get at the root.
  • Need to continue our medications along side homeopathic treatment.
Expect Results.

Ellen Madono

I have been treating chronic diseases using homeopathy since 2004.  As a homeopath, I am privileged to know my patients in a way that perhaps very few people know them.   Taking time with patients, listening attentively to their stories is my most valued skill. I am caring, direct and well informed.



How do I Work?  Interviewing is really about listening.  Treatment involves reaching out and fitting my hand to yours so that I can choose a treatment that fits you. Most important, I listen to you.

Even after I have chosen the best treatment, I still need to stay in communications with you.  By following your reactions to treatment, help you to get the most out of your treatment.