What is homeopathy?

The strength of homeopathy lies in decreasing or totally alleviating the frequency and intensity of chronic problems. It also helps in avoiding the secondary effects of more invasive medical techniques. Instead of suppressing problems, by understanding how each person characteristically reacts to stress, a remedy is found that will reduce unhealthy reactions to stress and stimulate natural healing.
To do this, only natural plants, minerals and animal products are used. These substances have been diluted in a special way so that their physical molecules are mostly eliminated and only their energetic identity is left. Because of this, these remedies produce no side effects and are in no way addictive.

Meet the Author

Ellen Madono is a homeopathy working for Tokyohomeopathy.com. She has a private clinic in Saitama City 40 minutes north of Tokyo. She has been practicing homeopathy since 2004.

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